Genocide in the Bible part 2

Richard Dawkins has recently read a blog that highlights William Lane Craig defending genocide and infanticide in the bible in 2011.

I commented on Craig’s attitude to Genocide in the bible in 2008. In fairness Greta got there before me in 2007.

Four years later Dawkins finds out. And a new lease of life is given to a theologian for Atheists to get angry about when perhaps we should have been angry nearer the time they spouted their hideous non sensical justificatication for divinely sanctioned mass murder.

Not sure if any of the commentators on Dawkins’ website noticed the date of the blog. But bear in mind that the bible promises a genocide of the godless with Armageddon – a genocide never seen in human history. It really should not surprise us that there are Christians out there that believe feverently for it, and others that don’t want anyone to die but think it inevitable. What they hope for is worse than what they may justify in a mythical retailing of Israelite history.

That really should get us angry: “Let thy kingdom come …”


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