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I thought I was busy tomorrow with health and social services but they have just cancelled the meeting 30 minutes ago for the 17 May. So the reports I have done could have been done over a two week period rather than a bank holiday weekend.

Though because I’m organised only a few hours as already guessed they would need various reports on my brother from finances, food diary, fluid intake, weight, medication, etc. This I have been doing on a daily basis, so only needed collating. Basically this is a new assessment of my brothers needs now I am his primary carer.

So many hoops, jumping at the beck and call of others. I’m still awaiting clarification on certain things such as whether my brother really needs two to one outside the house as the care plan suggests. I imagine this could be important if I take him to the local store and something happened. Or whether it depends where I take him, which it also suggests could be one to one depending on unspecified, unmentioned criteria.

It gets stranger – my mother in her 60s has taken my brother out for years on her own and his needs have not changed. But no one wants to say it is fine in case something happens. So if it does the responsibility will fall on me.

You can bet I’m saving my e mail correspondence.

So I am taking my brother out and we are having fun. Someone has to make a decision and if he wants to go out I get my hat.


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