TV visceral

I recently decided that my appreciation of motion pictures needed to be rewarded by a HD TV and Blu ray player. You may notice a few weeks back I bought an iPad 2. Yes technology is filling the  void beside my bed each night.

If you are behind the times, or that TV like mine belonged in a museum there are three choices offering thin TVs. Plasma screen, LCD and LED.

The main differences are well highlighted at:

But in brief:


GOOD: at any angle you sit in your room will give a good picture.
BAD: not the best picture quality


GOOD: cheapest alternative of the three
BAD: not best if not watching straight in front


GOOD: best picture quality and energy efficiency
BAD: likely to cost more

I decided on the LED. I watched my Dr Who Series 5 Blu ray disc and admit was blown away by the quality compared to DVD. Prices have dropped which has made it a good time in hard times to switch over.

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