MP shames Ryan Giggs

John has a tie

Mr Hemming is the man with the tie

At last an MP uses Parliamentary privilege, which allows MPs to speak without fear of legal repercussion in the Chamber, to name Ryan Giggs as having a super injunction banning in England discussing his affair with Imogen Thomas (see previous blog) for as he told BBC News:

John Hemming later told the BBC why he had named Mr Giggs.

“Basically when he… showed that he was going to go after relatively normal people and try and prosecute them, for gossiping about him on a matter of trivia, I think he has to be held to account for that,” he said.

Gigg’s lawyers are trying to get Twitter to reveal who had originally broken the injunction. Ludicrous when you consider the world wide web where people were at liberty to find out and discuss.

It would be a sight to see whether Giggs wants people jailed or to pay him, a millionaire sportsman, compensation. Somehow I think he may have used the super injunction to preserve his reputation. He will have none if he continues with legal witch hunts.

People have criticised the MP for undermining the courts and allowing people to now concentrate on the footballer instead of issues of privacy. I hope this blog and others show that there is a concern about freedom of speech, the rights English people and Scottish people have in Great Britain, and the right to information.

I wonder how many of the politicians that were critical have their own skeletons in closets that they would like super injunctions for? Maybe we should find out while we can ….


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