Ryan Giggs – Footballer with injunction on affair

I don’t care that Ryan Giggs (Welsh international and Manchester United footballer) had an affair with Imogen Thomas (reality TV, miss beauty), and understand that he may have wanted privacy not least because she may have been trying to get more money by visiting hotels he stayed at after the affair ended. There is the claim that she tried to get him to pay more then the tabloids were offering.

True or not what I care about as an Englishman is that my fellow British Citizens in Scotland can legally publish and discuss as they have a separate legal system from England. So four hours drive I would not have broken the law.

Citizens in a country (the United Kingdom) cannot have different degrees of free speech. This is against justice, and the rights of citizens. It is an issue which goes beyond any right to privacy Giggs may have. I hope his wife already knew and he was thinking of their dignity in applying for the injunction.

The Sunday Hearld in Scotland published the photo of Giggs, which I recognised. Google his name and injunction confirmed what thousands already knew.

The law can be mocked when made by a horse’s ass. My liberty equal with other citizens of this island nation means I am joining those breaking the law.


MP shames Giggs


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