Wireless Keyboard for iPad

As I weighed up the pros and cons at the Stormfront shop in Truro, where I originally bought my iPad2, I decided it was worth buying the wireless keyboard. Because whilst the screen keyboard is handy when you start typing for a while a keyboard just has the spring that makes it feel more natural.

About half the size of the iPad it is light weight and easily fits into the bag I already use. It responds better than the wireless keyboard I have for my desktop. It also allows me to stand the iPad vertically rather than lying it down; the viewing angle makes a hell of a difference.

£57.00 though is a little pricey but considering how much typing (and scrolling through text to edit is a pain on the iPad when it comes to wordpress) I am doing thought it was worth the expense. So if you are blogging, writing reports or long e mails on your iPad would recommend purchasing if you have the money.

By the way I am not paid anything for writing this. Once upon a time someone offered me some super all dancing sunglasses to keep if I reviewed it but I never replied back because if it sounds too good to be true it probably is …


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