Imitation greatest form of flattery?

It is great when people share your blog with others – perhaps using Facebook or Twitter which provides a link direct to the article they want to share. Someone from Sweden very kindly did so via Twitter for my God to Dawkins in Gradual Steps blog. Resulting in half my readership that day coming from Scandinavia.

To make that easier I have now included share buttons which you will find below each post.

What I am less keen on is reproducing my blog in full on someone else’s blog. Largely because it is my original work, but also you are in effect stealing traffic from my blog. The proper etiquette would be a link on your blog saying that you found this about blah blah, you might enjoy. Or even say what is wrong and what you disagree with. Quotes most certainly fine, but above all a link to the original blog and plainly stating who originally wrote the blog. My most ardent critics have courteously done that.

Which brings us to what is wrong here:


That blog looks familiar, especially the chap front row far right in the photo with Dawkins. I see him regularly in the mirror.

Hang on:


I have sent the blogger a comment to correctly identify me as the author. It incorrectly states by Uncle Timmy at present.

So by all means tell people about my blog. But do so in a way that respects my rights to my work and credits me with the authorship and brings people to the blog. Reproduction without permission is a clear no brainer. When you work hard at something you care about recognition is a big deal.

Thanks all!

UPDATE: my thanks for the blogger now including my real name identifying me as author and adding link to original blog.


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