Happy Science – more wars for “liberty”


“To be American is to believe in God and justice, and to act in the name of justice in order to make a better world. It is your mission as Americans. Other countries will follow you. I daresay it is your mission from God.”

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The message is from Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science in Japan. Their belief in a nutshell:

One of the most important Truths about life is that Divinity exists. Furthermore, Heaven – the Spirit World – also exists, and our ‘real self’ is an existence that continues even after death – that people’s souls are blessed with eternal life. During our life in this world, the happiness we seek must be one that bridges from this phenomenal world to the next, which is the Real World and an inevitable destination for us all.

From their website here.

Returning to the first link, if I had any issues with Dawkins doubting Obama’s Christianity then here they come by the bucket load from Okawa:

[Obama’s] guardian spirit taught us, as I wrote in my book 2012, that he belonged to another religion in his past life, and he sometimes has the tendency to resist against a greater power. He favors the minority. That is the tendency of his soul.

I think we can dismiss that as it has no evidence. Now Romney believes that Armageddon will be a literal war on Israel being thwarted by God. Okawa has a similar thought with regards a Dragon that just happens to be near Japan:

[The USA] may be in decline, but they are still the number one military power in the world. They must fight against evil powers. There is an evil power in Asia, and the people there do not formally believe in God. If such people expand their empire, they will destroy this world created by God.

To summarise vote Romney because he is more likely to take on China militarily, or at least tame Chinese influence because he is. No mention of Obama focusing foreign policy on and military assets to Asia. Okawa wants more military intervention in the name of god to destroy that great evil: atheism.

Whilst I think this Japanese citizen has as much chance of influencing the election as myself as a British citizen, it does demonstrate one thing. People who believe they are on a mission from God and must use political power to achieve His aims are not really who you want influencing policy let alone making it. When they willingly make us pawns for the divine mission that they lay claim to know, and sacrifice people to god’s will time to declare them insane.

Besides, what need does god have for nukes and battleships?

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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