Faith Campaign for Obama

President Obama’s Christian faith, and his belief that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, has shaped what he’s done as president — from supporting economic development abroad to making health care more affordable for all Americans, ensuring our elderly can retire securely, and helping all of our children get a good education and a shot at success.

Taken from Obama’s campaign website I was hoping to watch
the video The President on Faith where the above quote is mentioned. However it is off line at the time of writing. Just in case there is any doubt that Obama is motivated by faith on employment policy or health care there is:


the video: President Barack Obama is leading with faith values.

We could say this is a way to get religious people to vote. In the same way Dawkins is trying to get atheists (and indeed all of America) to vote for Obama. Pluralism means you try to appeal to voters in different ways, because what ticks boxes differs person to person, group to group.

For more see my previous blog here.

Think I have blogged this issue to death now. Obama is a devout Christian yet is also a secularist. But for more on Dawkins singling out Mormonism rather than Christianity as he did in The God Delusion you may want to check out this blog Richard Dawkins’ Blind Faith in Obama.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog


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4 responses to “Faith Campaign for Obama

  1. Thank you for posting. There are people of faith who will be standing by him for faith full reasons. It’s nice to see that fact spoken to.

    • Thanks for your comment. The historical importance of secularism was that it protected the consciences (and lives) of people of different faiths or none. Which is why I have no issue with Obama’s faith because as a secularist he is not about imposing it on others, or limiting others choice. So I think both those of faith and atheists can vote for Obama.

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