Election Night USA 2012

It’s midnight in the UK – and hopefully in next few minutes we might hear something on Virginia (VA). Holding breath time. An internal poll by GOP on Sunday had Romney down by five points. This may explain his last day tour of two swing states while Obama shot hoops on the basket ball court.

I will be on Twitter, @JPSargeant78 and I imagine I will be retweeting rather than creating original content as the night goes on. If you want a Brit journalistic perspective I whole heatedly recommend @mattfrei

His books, and reporting on the US have been insightful and entertaining.

I will return to the blog after a good day’s sleep 😉

UPDATE: CNN 49/49 on VA. could be a long night.

UPDATE: 3:30am GMT looks like Romney may win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote. Wonder that those who moaned about this in 2000 will feel the same this time.

Ohio seems key state at this stage. Obama having won Michigan looks like the automotive initiative and black/Hispanic hi turnout key factors in an Obama win.

UPDATE: 3:35am @mattfrei: With southern Florida still counting and historically Democrat, is Romney going to reach for the minibar? For an alcohol free lager

UPDATE: 4am @ingen1ous: Republican Richard Mourdock, who said pregnancy resulting from rape was “something God intended to happen” loses Indiana Senate race.

UPDATE: @JPSargeant78: Prediction: republican house will be more confrontational not less to the White House #mandate

UPDATE: 4:27am @JPSargeant78: Iowa means 275 Obama – he has won!!!!!

Follow Up Blogs: Obama Wins Second Term

Video Obama Victory Speech Romney Concession



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