Out Campaign Doing “Fine” says Dawkins


I asked Richard the question because I had already visited the website a few moments before. The reasons I asked him my question are:

No blogs have been added to the blog roll for at least ten months (source)

The story feed for OUT campaigns finishes in 2010 (source)

Whatever the NBGA blog roll is it returns an error on clicking [Non believers giving aid]

The twitter account @OutCampaign has not tweeted for over 900 days

The OutCampaign is about encouraging atheists to be open about being godless, and to show positive humanism in action. To that end the site above promises:

We have many exciting activities and plans for the OUT Campaign, so be sure to watch for the latest developments.

OUT Campaign ‘Scarlet Letter’ T-shirts, lapel pins, buttons and stickers now available.

Perhaps some brilliant stuff has happened, but there have been no updates for ages. That news gathering is meant to be happening on the site.

When I first volunteered for The Richard Dawkins Foundation (RDF), I organised as part of an OutCampaign a walk from the Jefferson Memorial to The White House. Wearing “A” shirts, it was great fun walking with about 30 delegates on the last day of the American Atheist Alliance conference. It was a part public conscious raising and enthusiasm sparking event for further activism for those that attended.

RDF have recently asked for volunteers, and this was the first part of the site I went to. This leads me to think that while you can get the badges and car stickers from the store, it really is up to you to get Out there and come up with your own conscious raising activism.

This part of the website really does need updating, and perhaps an active bulletin board for OutCampaigns.

In short it depends on the grass roots getting things done.

On a related note did ask Dawkins if he could retweet the blog on the Koran and child abuse – I think he had gone to bed by then. However, PZ Meyers very kindly RT for a second time. So once again my thanks to him, and his “followers”. Think as evening in USA may catch more people this time.

That is another example of Out Campaigning – using blogs, and social media to spread the word, network and raise consciousness.

Follow up blog: screen shots of outdated site and not fulfilling original goal

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog



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