Not being PCC – why I did not vote

The first police and crime commissioners [PCC] have been elected, as concerns are raised about low turnout in parts of England and Wales.

Numerous areas have confirmed turnouts ranging from 13-20%.

The chairwoman of the Electoral Commission said the turnout was “a concern for everyone who cares about democracy”.

BBC News


Indeed accept there are many reasons why the majority did not vote, apart from being treated with contempt by advertising such as in the above photo:

We did not ask for the positions to be created

Majority of us not asked by candidates to vote for them

Another tax payer funded position for career party hacks and bureaucrats

Independents stood no fair chance against party machine (11 out of 39 are independents)

Cost over a hundred million pounds to stage this election.

There was an existing mechanism for scrutinising the police

I write this as someone that represented young people (too long ago) on a board with other community members that talked to the police and in effect held them to account by the questions we could ask and reports they prepared. It would be wrong to say there was no public accounting previously.

So what if someone says if you did not vote you cannot talk about crime? Well as someone that has helped in a citizen’s arrest, had bicycles stolen, had people try to break into my property with me in it and been subjected to an attempted mugging I can not only talk about crime but tell you to stop talking nonsense.

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Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog



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2 responses to “Not being PCC – why I did not vote

  1. Tom Atkins

    I purposely did not vote in this election so as to register my disapproval of being forced to accept another layer of politicians at our expense for no gain. Cost to us maybe 2 million/year or more

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