Catholicism on abortion and gay marriage

Shared by Richard Dawkins, the blog shows how religion tries sanctions against free speech and denies life saving procedures. Time to wake up people and demand change!

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Why Evolution Is True

The more I read about the Catholic Church, the more I see them as a pervasive source of evil in the world: almost as bad as Islam.

Their latest peccadillo? Denying confirmation to a Minnesota teenager who posted a picture on his Facebook page supporting a gay marriage amendment:

PuffHo reports:

Rev. Gary LaMoine of the Assumption Church in Barnesville, Minn., allegedly denied Lennon Cihak the religious rite of passage after seeing him online holding a sign altered to criticize the Minnesota Marriage Amendment, the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead reports. The amendment would have changed the state’s constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Of course they deny it:

However, the priest has since told the Associated Press that the teen was not in fact denied confirmation, but declined to explain, calling it an “internal and pastoral” matter.

“Some people chose to run out into…

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