Claims and explanation – Simon Singh and the spiritual healer

It seems my blog may have brought two worlds together for a discussion, however not with the best of starts.

Background to discussion on Alternative Medicine Claims between myself and Richard King (spiritual healer) and his review of Simon Singh’s book “Trick or Treatment”


I look forward to King’s reply.

I re blogged on the subject of ME researchers receiving abuse and vitriol here – the story had been shared by Simon Singh. King sent this tweet:


Now while I may disagree and challenge, I always look to do so with civility to the person. My target is ideas, opinions and assertions. I remember in a Washington DC Cafe during wine happy hour someone really going at my views, with a crowd watching as we bantered. Though heated it was cordial, passionate and he kept buying me drinks insisting that as a visitor he should play host. That is the ideal – the drinks were a bonus. Hope others would keep to that as well.

Simon Singh has thanked me for passing on details of the blog to him. Await to see what happens.



If you accuse someone of abuse and harassment, which are very serious accusations to make, you might want to produce evidence.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog


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