Islamic fundamentalists gunning again for Malala

The Taliban would like me to add a correction from us all for why they tried to kill a 15 year old girl by shooting her three times. Their motivation:

“We did not attack her for raising voice for education. We targeted her for opposing mujahideen and their war,” said the Taliban.

‘… we targeted this girl who made fun of jihad, the veil and other Islamic values on behest of the British Broadcasting Corporation.”

Apparently, the fact that teenagers here in the UK protested against war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but did not so much as have their tea denied them is lost on these bullies. To be against them is to be a traitor, and to support Barack Obama and blog in support of a vision of her country that sees armed people enforcing sharia law by force ejected, marks her out for termination.

“For this espionage, infidels gave her awards and rewards. And Islam orders killing of those who are spying for enemies,” the Taliban said in a statement.

“She used to propagate against mujahideen (holy warriors) to defame (the) Taliban. The Quran says that people propagating against Islam and Islamic forces would be killed.

“We targeted her because she would speak against the Taliban while sitting with shameless strangers and idealised the biggest enemy of Islam, Barack Obama.”

Source for all quotes here

How do we resolve what happened to Malala, and ensure that girls and civilians are not targets in a grisly terrorist, regional civil war? The writer of the article has a divine solution for Malala:

The next step in the search for justice and to reach the truth in an impartial and fair manner is to put Malala Yousafzai on trial in a Shari’ah court for the crimes she has been accused of, free from interference by western powers. The reality and verdict for Malala Yousafzai will be presented in the upcoming conference in Islamabad.

Before the trial we already have a verdict being presented at the conference, which is a tolitarian version of what impartial and fair is. The two sides to every story is further betrayed by the tags the writer uses for their article:

Categories: Malala Yousafzai
Tags: american spy, malala, punishment, traitor, trial, yousafzai

I hope the British government offers Malala and her family indefinite leave to remain. If there is any doubt to her safety have a look at the conference flyer:


One thing is clear. Defending reason is a global issue, and the struggle involves us all against those that will murder children and defend their actions by claim to holy war. You may notice on the flyer someone from Britain Anjem Choudary who wants Sharia law in the UK. On the same platform as a fatwa on Malala. His website states “standing up for the Islamic viewpoint”. Time we all stand up for the human viewpoint.

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Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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12 responses to “Islamic fundamentalists gunning again for Malala

  1. My thanks to Richard Dawkins and others that have tweeted the blog.

  2. Corrected Malala’s age. She is 15 not 14 as previously stated.

  3. Good post. Not a grammar-nazi, trial got mispelled in one spot.

  4. I’m completely relieved to hear that you would not defend “I’m a celebrity…” but I only mentioned the typo because I know the speilchequeuer won’t kitch it.

  5. I’d say that these inflammatory speakers should be in preventive detention for an unspecified time, if it weren’t for the horrific outburst that would follow.

    • I’d hope incitement to kill someone would be a crime in Pakistan. In terms of public order, no idea where the line should be drawn in managing the situation. Only hope that calling for an outspoken child to be murdered is crossing it.

  6. Love the website! Where is the newsletter sign-up box?

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