Richard Dawkins Foundation remove post

On the Facebook feed for the Richard Dawkins Foundation (RDFRS), a post that was a copy of information from the Zeitgeist movie was sent to everyone that likes the RDFRS:


The information is inaccurate, and not helped by the fact that December 25th was not universally recognised in the Calender during the hey day of these deities.

It took me a few moments to realise that the above photo had inaccuracies – for a moment it looked like a great Christmas Card.

[The creator – name removed at their request] has painstakingly researched what is stated in the above photo. Their research is shown below:


I would hope that when debunking religion people do know their stuff. The excuse for this being posted to freethinkers who would know this was not entirely accurate was that it came from credible sites. That is rather a weak argument from a rational, free thinking organisation. Evidence is what we need, not assertions no matter how regarded the source might be.

However, people are still prepared to defend Zeitgeist and you can find their source book here.

There are enough myths that predate Christ to make the extraordinary claims of his life unoriginal. There is no need to embellish such details. Personally, I think taking the supernatural away from Jesus, and emphasising the human makes his ministry and ethics more interesting for the time he lived in.


Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog



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4 responses to “Richard Dawkins Foundation remove post

  1. MK


    I am the individual who wrote the response to The Richard Dawkins Foundation regarding the false information they were presenting. May I please request that you remove my full name and picture from this blog entry, as this is one of the sites that pops up when you google my name and I do not wish for this to be viewed by prospective employers and co-workers.

    Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

    ~ ?.?. [my edit to preserve identity further]

  2. M

    Hello again,

    I apologize to message you again about this (I tried finding an email address or another method to contact you directly)… since I last contacted you asking to redact my name, I have moved to a part of the country that is noticably less friendly toward secularism. I have also found that googling my name still brings me to this page. It appears that Google has implemented some smart searching that will find names embedded in images.

    If it isn’t too much trouble, could I bother you to “black bar” or crop my name and profile picture in the image so as to ensure my anonymity? Again, I apologize to trouble you over something so trivial. But as an atheist I’m sure you can understand my concerns. It’s something I wish I didn’t have to worry about, but you know how some folks can be..

    Thank you very much for your time.


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