Making sure it is so

Developing the theme, read this article as well about researching on the Internet compared with professional research.

Gary William Murning Online

It has been said that we are as a nation are becoming more sceptical—more cynical, even. At any time of any day you can pop onto the Internet, into a chat room or onto Twitter, and watch the questioning hordes doing battle. At first glance dynamic and reassuring, it’s all too easy to sit back and think, “Yes, this is what we need; with this kind of egalitarian debate, bullshit will be brought to light.” And that, for the most part, is true.

Or is it?

I was recently watching this video featuring Ben Goldacre, in which he sheds light on the frightening bias towards the publication of positive trial results in academic pharmaceutical journals. It’s a powerful indictment—not only of a sector of the scientific community that we all should be able to trust (though many of us don’t), but of us as individuals, of our willingness to…

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