Science Refutes God – Live Debate


In just 5 hours time from now, 11:45pm GMT, Lawrence Krauss and Michael Shermer will debate “Science Refutes God” with Ian Hutchinson and Dinesh D’Souza.

Should be interesting – I hope the site will still be viewable for those that prefer an early night this side of the pond for later viewing.

The all important link to watch live is here.

The site includes a countdown clock so you can see when on without messing about with time zones, and bio of speakers.

Having seen Krauss talk about science live, I think safe to recommend watching this debate.

UPDATE: link above shows you video of debate now.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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6 responses to “Science Refutes God – Live Debate

  1. I’ve seen a few debates with Krauss, but never one with Shermer. D’Souza twists things around so much it’s hard to remain interested when he’s debating. That said, his main platform in the past has been the cosmological argument, and there usually isn’t a scientist around to refute what he brings forward. Having Krauss there will be interesting.

  2. What a fascinating viewpoint. Especially since God invented science. 🙂

    • Or did man make god?

      What you say though begs more questions. Because if a god did create the laws science observes, did god have a free hand or was there only one way to do them, or did these laws exist in the same way god existed?

      Sadly the books considered god’s word do not really tell us, and are not exactly accurate on the development of life on earth. Which rather suggests god was not proof reading.

      If god had given his chosen people science as we know it … that would have been more interesting then burning bushes, rods turning into serpents, mana from heaven and genocide.

      Product of the time, time to move on.

  3. Thanks for posting this heads-up! Appreciated!!

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