Insulting our intelligence – reform section 5 now

When a diverse group, the Christian Institute, The National Secular Society (NSS) and the Peter Tatchell Foundation among others get together to reform the law, gives you pause to think what is at stake. Rowan Atkinson explains in the video:

Listing freedom of speech as “a permanent fixture for me in the number two slot” went over the peoples’ heads methinks 😉

The demo that the NSS and others are taking part in will be in London this Monday 10 December morning, concerns Section 5 of the Public Order Act:

“Insulting words or behaviour” are outlawed by Section 5, and this is having a chilling effect on free speech right across our country, in a wide range of communities. The law rightly protects us against unjust discrimination, incitement and violence. It should not be used to protect us from having our feelings hurt. It’s time to reform Section 5.

The police and the courts, under this provision, can decide how you feel or someone feels about you. Thought and the expression of has been made subject to the law. This explains the plurality of groups for reform.

Join our fun RS5 demo on Monday 10 December. 10am till 11:15am. Central London. Email for more info.

More on the reform section 5 website here.

The House of Lords will be voting on removing the word “insult” next Wednesday.

UPDATE 12/12: House of Lords passed amendment 150 – 54. Result!

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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