Fry/Hitchens take on Catholic Church

The intelligence squared debate above in 2009 was the motion “the Catholic Church is a force for good”. Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry were opposed taking on Ann Widdecomb and the Archbishop of Nigeria.

As always Hitchens was to the point and reminds us of the interlocutor we all miss. Fry though gives a passionate, rational, emotionally controlled challenge to homophobia, which moves anyone that feels love is love when gentle, kind and considerate.

Hitchens observed if St Peter’s Church always reflected those qualities it would be Jesus’ too. Widdecomb’s idea that without collections in churches there would be a lack of philanthropy in the world is absurd. Compassion is moved on us by empathy. The belief in salvation is immaterial when you see a starving child.

The only thing that might be argued is that people are so guilt ridden by original sin, or so moved by desiring salvation in the next life, that they give more. That empathy with Christ on the Cross is more moving for the hand to the collection plate than all the misery that nature and humankind give to each other that we can see.

This view of humanity is one that needs to be challenged.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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3 responses to “Fry/Hitchens take on Catholic Church

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  2. Christ on the Cross is a wonderful metaphor. It shows power along with absolute non-violence, non-resistance- you might doubt the armies of angels, but he could at the very least have run away. It shows God in human suffering, God as part of every human experience. Perhaps churches mistreat it, but it is a beautiful, wonderful idea.

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