Celebrating Christmas Atheist Survival Guide

The New Humanist have created an atheist survival guide here thought I would create some tips of my own.

1. Tis the season of peace to men of good will – not all people.

You will not be considered clever or witty to those that find your lack of faith disturbing at this time of year when pointing out inconsistencies and myths. Instead be more subtle, and perhaps make a game of it. For example include film quotes when you can. That way you can have fun with mindless philosophers, if it goes over their heads. Have some like minded friends/relatives in on it if you can to join in the fun.

2. Richard Dawkins says “Merry Christmas”

So can you – even the Jehovah’s Witnesses say Thursday despite being named after Chris Hemsworth.

3. Make merry

Have conversations, and be true to yourself, just don’t go on about one thing and refuse to change the subject. Whatever you do just do not let anyone end one with you because “it was a boring conversation anyway”. Oscar Wilde would be disappointed.

4. We’re gonna have company

If you can, try and have a guest list that you control. If you are the host it is your responsibility to have guests that allow the party to go about its business and move along.

Whilst relatives may give the toxic mixture to these social festivities – you don’t have to play host. As a guest you can be in more control of your time.

5. Argh!

Have an escape route – have somewhere to go. Know where the spare room is, and grab a bottle. Get into the wi-fi early (say want to say hi to someone overseas – store the password on device) and enjoy. If it is that bad perhaps find a princess to join you flyboy.


Follow up blog: A Real War On Christmas

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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One response to “Celebrating Christmas Atheist Survival Guide

  1. That’s simply brilliant! I have struggled with being an atheist at Christmas, and your ‘survival guide’ pretty much nails it for me!

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