Belief and the believer

I agree with the thrust of what Nick is saying. Whilst people voluntailry chose to belong to a religion they consent to restrictions. Key is not having them enforced involuntarily on others.

Quite clearly though people cherry pick what they do and do not restrict themselves to.

Nick Cohen: Writing from London

A few months ago, Suffolk police stopped me for driving over 30mph. My excuse that East Anglia was so flat it was impossible not to break the limit did not wash, and they sent me on a speed awareness course. Very good it was too. After surveying the human cost of bad driving, I resolved never to speed again. Unfortunately, the instructor was over-fond of his own voice and his lecture went on for hours. “I hope he winds up soon,” I whispered to the woman next to me. “I am meant to be speaking to the National Secular Society.”

She was a little astonished and a little amused. “A National Secular Society? Why does Britain need a National Secular Society? Surely the secularists have won?”

It can feel that way sometimes.

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