Before we defiantly say what caused Sandy Hook

If only more of the articles on Newtown were as circumspect before saying exactly what brought about the events at Sandy Hook. Looking at the events from a mental health perspective when people jump to conclusions before the evidence is presented and scrutinised.

Mental Health Cop

The public debate, if we can call it that, which has followed the utterly tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut has been predictably disappointing. We have had Piers Morgan piling in with pronouncements that people under 25, criminals and anyone with a mental health history should be banned from possessing guns – why don’t we just ban guns, Piers, then we won’t have to argue semantics over your surprisingly vague idea?! …

We have had tens of thousands of circulations on Twitter of potentially the worst article I have ever read about mental health and violence following an atrocity and we must not forget that the speculation about Adam Lanza’s mental health history began hours and hours before anyone in Newtown was talking on the record about it. And even when they started talking it was all “might” and “maybe” and “a bit”.

Here’s my point: even if he had a…

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