Did we land on the moon?

Channel Five recently broadcast the documentary “Did We Land On the Moon?” on UK television. Not sure if this was a revamped version which has already aired on Fox in the States many years ago.

Perhaps the first thing to notice when the hoax claims were covered. They were very detailed in covering, and those interviewed specific. When the person from NASA spoke it was generalised with no review of what had been presented in support of a hoax. As if he had not been asked to reply to those exact points.


In short, the documentary gave very good coverage of what the conspiracy theorists say and why, without the rebuttal to the alleged points that amount to evidence of a hoax.

To find those, which cover lighting and shadow issues of photos and video, cross hairs on photos and more click here.

One easily spotted while watching was when they claimed the only source of light was the Sun. Well, that is true but the moon is a reflective surface. Which is why we see it in the sky. Also has a part to play in the lighting issues the conspiracy people point to. See above link for details.

With regards space suit dealing with the extreme temperature, the moon’s night and day (if we think in those terms) lasts about 28.5 days. The lunar landings did not occur during the night of the moon.
So the suits were not designed to deal with extreme cold and extreme heat of both cycles at the same time.

Considering the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, the intelligence services did not prove that the whole thing was a charade, that showed the decadence of the West and not only prevent the soft power the States won from the moon landing, but take some of that themselves with the high ground in the competition.

Still, people will believe what they want to believe. At least look at the evidence, and be able to tell when something is slanted from one side or the other.

Nothing wrong with asking questions. It is how you respond to the answers that reveals genuine skeptical evidence based inquiry from already made up my mind nothing will change it mentality.

Be open minded. Just not so much that your brain falls out.

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Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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