Moradi cousins and a missing tweet at 7PM

Marayam Namazie made me aware via a tweet about the case of Mr and Mr Moradi (cousins), who are under threat of execution having been arrested without charge then tortured for a period of nine months, during which confessions were given that they wish to retract. Among the comfessions “enmity with god.”

Amnesty International commented:

Zaniar Moradi and Loghman Moradi were arrested respectively on 1 August 2009 and 17 October 2009 in Marivan. They were held without charge by the Ministry of Intelligence for the first nine months of their detention during which they were moved several times between detention facilities. Around the beginning of December 2010 they were transferred to Raja’i Shahr Prison northwest of Tehran. The two men then wrote a letter stating that during their interrogation by the Ministry of Intelligence they were forced to “confess” to the allegations of murder after being tortured and threatened with rape. Amnesty International has so far been unable to confirm reports that Zaniar Moradi was 17 at the time of his arrest.

On Namazie’s blog here she called for people to mark the protest joining in a tweet that would be happening around the world at the same time, 7PM GMT. As you can see below I mentioned to her I would take part and included a link to more info on the Moradis (which you can read here)


At 7PM sharp, having set my phone and saving in drafts the tweet I duly sent the message:


I was however surprised after three minutes not to see Namazie tweet. She did not participate.

On checking out her tweeter page a few minutes from writing this blog, I noticed that the tweet she gave mentioning the Moradis (which I had replied too as above in first photo) had been DELETED. No tweets at all for today exist at the moment.


The blog though mentioned remains up where it states:

Join the TweetStorm today 8 January at 3pm EST, 7pm London, 12pm PST, 8pm Berlin, 10:30pm Tehran. Tweet #FreeMoradis. Stop the execution of political prisoners in #Iran, #Zanyar & #Loghman #Moradi.

It is odd that you miss an event you have encouraged others to participate in, but there can be very good reasons why you may miss. However, to delete the tweets that mentioned the blog and the event in question afterwards?

Will put to Marayam to ask her. Such things are disconcerting.

UPDATE 9/1/2013: Marayam says she was tweeting all day and did not delete tweet. Yet, as you can see in response on her twitter page tweets are missing with none showing for yesterday.


UPDATE: 10/1/2013 looks like a bug sometimes stops you seeing tweets in timeline (source).

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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