Inauguration and pissed off Anti-Gay Christians

Louie Giglio, who was to be the inauguration pastor, has stepped down after a sermon he gave against homosexuality surfaced here. In his sermon he denounces homosexuality as a lifestyle, that it should not be given legal rights as marriage, or heterosexual relationships, and that it is a choice like overeating.

Which reminded me of Ricky Gervais’ gag on people making that comparison, below at 2:57 having laid the ground work on what makes people fat:

Note only audio – visual clips not long enough.

Matthew Lee Anderson suggested rather than getting pissed off, this is how religious conservatives should respond:

But when one of their leaders is pushed aside again, religious conservatives might consider instead meeting our rejection with something nearer indifference, rather than angry denunciation.

In the Bible, St. Paul suggests that as Christians “our citizenship is in heaven.” While we can and should be loyal Americans, our concern for justice must primarily be a concern for justice for others. Our desire for our own justice is often deferred until heaven.

Source CNN

The problem is not saying homosexuals cannot be in your church. The issue is when you advocate correction therapy, accuse gays of being an aggressive and insidious threat to society, and deny them having rights as a straight couple, let alone married couple, have.

Louie Giglio was promoting those very things in his sermon. The inauguration is about Americans coming together. When you are concerned by your faith with the peccadilloes of how some others by consent choose to come together, with a message not of tolerance but of actual hate, you should content yourself with a place in heaven. Rather than within the secular world, as Anderson suggests.

Jesus himself said his kingdom was not part of this world, and to turn the other cheek. The gay community should also be allowed to turn each other’s cheek without judgements being passed beyond the pulpit into legal discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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One response to “Inauguration and pissed off Anti-Gay Christians

  1. Unfortunately, the conservatives (by definition) cling to the past, and since our culture suppressed homosexuality so vigorously, it will likely take many more years before their views change. Good news is the younger generations are growing up with openly gay people; they’re no longer viewing them as subhuman.

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