The Contrarian to the Pope and British Politics

Political Compass is an attempt, based on how strongly you feel about a series of questions, to see where you are on the left/right and authoritarian/libertarian spectrum (not sure of margin of error). Here are my results from this week:


This does seem to politically put me in a rather isolated position, with Nelson Mandela almost removing me from solitary confinement:


Still that is what you get for being a social liberal antiauthoritarian, concerned about big government, using normative economics so that Rawlsian social justice is effectively delivered by social institutions. My answers make me the mirror opposite of the pope – the pope’s contrarian.

What really interested was the analysis on the British Political Parties featured on the graph below over time.


I was a member of the Liberal Democrats since 2003 – almost perfect alignment with my views. However, since then to now the outlook of the political party has been moving away as it went more for the centre ground where most of the electorate is to be found in the top right hand corner.

Since the coalition took office 2010 you could argue that the Liberal Democrats are even closer to the Conservative position. The result should therefore not be surprising that, for people like me, there was no reason to renew my membership – quite simply the party was no longer what it once was and had overtime moved away from where we once thought the same.

Some may suggest that the reality of government led to people that wanted the cosiness of opposition to leave, because the idea of compromise and consensus did not fit the rebellious mentality. The analysis of the graphs here suggests what I would argue – the Liberal Democrats no longer represents the views of people like myself who believe in social justice without an authoritative state. So last year I did not bother to renew my membership.

Have a hunch not alone. It was not the deal to power, but the ideological moving away that happened over a ten year period. As such, it is not just a matter of people coming round to the idea that coalition was a necessary thing. Rather, it was being left out in the cold so when goodwill was necessary for a deal with the Conservatives it was no longer there.

As such I am a political animal in the wilderness. However, I am determined to roar.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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