Time and a place to ask

A shooting has happened at a college campus in Texas.

(CNN) — Three people, at least two of them students, were wounded in a shooting on a Texas community college campus Tuesday, a school spokesman said.
One of the shooters at the North Harris Campus of Lone Star College was among the wounded and is in custody, spokesman Jed Young said. The other shooter fled the campus, he said.
Authorities were searching for a suspect in a wooded area next to the campus, a law enforcement source said.

A fourth person at the college suffered a heart attack during the shooting, according to a federal law enforcement official who received reports from the scene. Reports indicate the shooting occurred at the school’s library, the official said.

“The police believe the danger has been mitigated,” Young said.

During the shooting as one student was trying to ensure via twitter other students did not get into harms way and have her parents contacted, a journalist from CNN thought to ask:


You hear the stories about journalists arriving in a war zone asking whose been raped, of two journalists visiting a bereaved person so one can follow to help with the tea while the other steals a photo for the paper.

Not a good day for CNN.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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