The Closed Mind

On twitter noticed that someone from the Jehovah’s Witnesses had suggested that atheists were not prepared to listen to a different point of view. Intrigued decided to discuss my experience and find out if still the same now for a Jehovah’s Witness.


It looks like I may have been blocked before my last tweet, on the grounds that I was regarded as a an apostate.


So much for listening to different views of others. However, I am an ex bible student. I was not baptised, nor disfellowshipped. Clearly not someone to be listened to though I am not subject to being shunned. Notice though by being described as an apostate it does not matter what I had to say. Anything and everything can be dismissed. Invalidated by being labled.

For anything we really believe, that is our way of life, it is more vital to critically examine it.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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One response to “The Closed Mind

  1. Misinformation given by WatchTower TRACT Society and misinformation by WTS Members is usually obtained without research. Pre-judging a Human based upon a label defined by the WTS organization is the mind control by the WTS and for WTS to keep membership through fear. WTS Members become dull to reason and simply put up the “iron curtain” when called out by a perceived “apostate”. I’m familiar with this mentality because I did the same for the 30 years I was a member of the WTS.

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