The Pope – get thee to a police station

The pope wishes to retire to a monastery, rather than serve out his term to death, as his mind and body decay. This is a break from tradition, rather than exceptional which is a superlative not to be used for this pontiff.

Citing wavering strength of mind and body, Pope Benedict XVI announced his decision to resign from the papacy at the end of February. He will be the first pope to abdicate in nearly six centuries. In 2010, as allegations of pedophilic priests continued to swirl, Christopher Hitchens decried individual and institutional corruption within the church’s sacred walls. His original article is [available at this link here]

One would hope that a new pope would deal with corruption, open up church records to bring child abusers, rapists, their allies to temporal justice, and put in place the best child safeguards the secular world has ever had. Then we can deal with the dogma and attitudes which I have dealt with in this blog. Some highlights feature below:


Gay rights:

Which rights would he not like to see equal? Being at the death bed of the person you love? To have the wishes of your will honoured? To have the same pension rights in your old age? To let society know how much you passionately love someone? To be notified and treated as next of kin?

To be treated as a human being with human rights?

Let the pope speak – his words reveal a black heart lacking compassion more then we could write. With every word he not only becomes a relic of a persecuting age, but a figure of actual hate. At a time of peace to men of good will he has spent it all some time ago,

His words on World Peace Day tell us everything we need to know.

Twitter and first message:

The news seem to be suggesting that the use of a modern social communication platform shows the Catholic Church in a good light. Well, the Spanish Inquisition used the latest technology at their disposal. It is what you do with it that counts.

I rather hope the first tweet would start with the word “Sorry”. What follows that word is an almost inexhaustible list.

When people die for the creed espoused being refused a life saving abortion, families are torn apart because their sexual orientation is considered immoral, when sex is less sinful when sexually transmitted diseases are easier to transfer, when poorly new born babies face purgatory without a ritual, when the view of women prevents the very empowerment they need to end poverty, covering up abuse and allowing paedophiles to continue to have access to children rather than face justice …

Angry … does not being to cover it.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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