Christopher and Peter Hitchens – Video Debate

The Hitchens brothers buried the hatchet, and proceeded to debate each other on such things as God to the Iraq war in 2008. They were both on Question Time in the UK 2007, and today in 2013 Peter was on there again. Which reminded me of this debate they had.



Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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2 responses to “Christopher and Peter Hitchens – Video Debate

  1. I miss Christopher. But thank God for YouTube, if you’ll excuse the pun…

    • I remember one of my friends when we met him saying to Hitch “Going to an atheist conference did not expect to meet my God!” To which Hitch walked away. He saw him later in the restroom and apologised; Hitch said sorry just did not know how to react.

      My memory of all too brief encounter of half an hour, is someone that took timeout to talk to people, and made you feel at ease in his company.

      I only wish like yourself he could have spent more time with us.

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