Lawrence Krauss on Incest

Be careful when being open minded in a debate; it will be used against you. In this case Krauss discussing incest at the recent Islam/Atheist debate in London (see previous blog on seating segregation)

Finally we have a video highlight of what Krauss actually said:

It was a bad start, as the audible shock from the audience reflects, though he does recover to explain that there is a factual physiological and therefore societal justified bias against incest. Krauss reflects on the thought experiment of a brother and sister (presumed consent age) having loving protected contraceptive sex which increases love for each other – is it immoral, having used contraception to avoid pregnancy? He admits he would be willing to listen to a rational argument to understand why the hypothetical situation may not be morally wrong.

Clearly though he was stressing, in answer to the question is incest immoral, that there are other reasons beyond a divine injunction which give a stronger incentive not to allow incest. Biological genetic reasons beyond an appeal to morality. Take those away (genetically weak offspring impossible) it may weaken the argument needing to rethink the rationale that justifies our intuitive taboo of incest.

The main debaters have taken to twitter over whether Krauss was actually saying nothing wrong with incest:


Dawkins has also emphasised what Krauss said:


Hamza, as any seasoned debater would have realised, was really asking Krauss that atheists without god lack absolute morality. Krauss answered the question as asked rather than seeing the purpose behind the question as a trap. Instead, an honest response has been twisted by Hamza into nothing wrong to sleep with your mother. On a helter-skelter of a slippery slope based on something Krauss does not think and did not say if you watch the clip.

Have a look at the above twitter accounts for the conversational blazer trail which is heating up on there.

It looks like iERA will be producing highlights, like the incest one, to produce publicity for the debate before the full video is made available.

UPDATE 8/4/2013: Video of Debate

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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