Not sure whether a religious upbringing of an atheist makes them more pro religions. Not my experience with ex Jehovah’s Witnesses. Would wonder if attitudes to secularism (and religious freedom) may differ between atheists rather than religious background key factor. Polling not done by the Church of England needed.

Very interested in Bonobo learning difficulties and how group reacted, that Waal mentions in Salon article.

Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE: Reader “GJG” notes that Grayling’s review is available for free here.

I’m not sure what has happened to primatologist Frans de Waal, a man whose work I’ve greatly admired, for he’s been on a bender against New Atheism, using all the familiar tropes about the movement being both militant and “religious” in nature.  One would think that if he attacked one side of the faith-vs.-atheism debate, it would be religion, for, more than anyone else, de Waal has discerned and publicized the roots of human morality in our relatives—primate and otherwise.  He has frequently argued that human morality did not come from God, but was largely a product of evolution.

But instead of criticizing religion, he’s taken to criticizing atheism.  The first signs appeared in a 2010 piece in the New York Times (see my post here) in which he derided New Atheists for, among other…

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