No to National Atheist Party


The President of the National Atheist Party Troy Boyle has resigned, less than a month after its second convention. What strikes me as odd is that they had not in place a contingency for the President resigning, and that Boyle wrote the charter single handed which never covered that eventuality. This does not sound like a democratically well organised party that the United States deserves.

So my advice to the 8,000 members that they lay claim to is that promoting secularism should not be a fringe political party movement. Rather, you need to influence the two main parties on the national stage: Democrat or Republican (yes I said that) as party members. Or, you could try for yourself as independents.

There are huge issues that need tackling at home and abroad: economic growth, employment, poverty, the environment, human rights, international security, homeland security, health care, education and the constitution (to name a few). A one issue party, and in this case an only atheist party membership, is doomed never to be taken seriously or have the impact on secularism that is needed in the political arena.

At the local level, as an upstanding member of your local community that has given so much you could try standing for office. The key here is standing up and putting yourself forward as a credible candidate. Running an effective campaign that makes those running in your district address your issues.

For those that do not seek office, support those that do care about the separation of church and state, and religious freedom, who are serious people for the big issues. Donate money, give of your time, or at a minimum acknowledge your support for what they as doing as a message or Facebook like.

There are secular and atheist groups which can help in this already and may even be able to help you do all these things with information, channels to use and even workshops. They are an excellent place to start your activism.

Stop being on the fringes and start contributing to the mainstream.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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2 responses to “No to National Atheist Party

  1. I agree. Atheists need to come out in BOTH parties to see an impact.

  2. Atheism is too much of a single issue to deserve its own party, especially under the American system. To be effective we have to influence the existing parties.

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