Video: Big Debate Islam or Atheism

Video of the infamous iERA hosted debate between Krauss and Hamza.

Enjoy the debate for yourself.

UPDATE: Timeline of Debate

00:00:24 : Introduction – Timothy Yusuf Chambers
00:06:30 : Opening Remarks – Hamza Tzortzis
00:32:02 : Opening Remarks – Lawrence Krauss
00:59:33 : Rebuttal – Hamza Tzortzis
01:14:28 : Rebuttal – Lawrence Krauss
01:22:43 : Summary Discussion
01:42:07 : Question & Answer Session
02:06:00 : Closing Remarks – Lawrence Krauss
02:07:50 : Closing Remarks – Hamza Tzortzis

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Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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