Grieving Grandma is an idiot says Dawkins

Before an accidentally shot dead two year old has even had a funeral service, Richard Dawkins has no problem saying the Grandmother is an idiot:


I get that Richard Dawkins is angry, that a gun manufactured for children happens legally, a five year old can be given a weapon to fire legally. That another tragic death with a firearm will not help bring in further gun control.

Yet it is also an opportunity for Dawkins to do a bit of faith bashing. New tweet this second while blogging:


Again, as with the winged horse, time allows a more polite way of putting the case that would have been preferable if pursued earlier.

There is a serious case to be made for gun control, and for not excusing thoughtless beliefs that avoid real introspection and questioning of why an event happened.

I just hope people would draw a line at hurling personal insults at a grieving Grandmother. To put that in perspective, would Dawkins go up to the Grandma who is attending her granddaughters funeral service today and say that? Or expect us militant atheists to have his Grandma tweets on banners and placards marking the funeral procession to make the point?

I hope you would agree that would be in bad taste. Doing it publicly on twitter is not the mark of a charming man.

The Ghost of Peter Kay

You may recall that Dawkins was hooked by a sound bite once:

“I believe in a God of some kind, in some sort of higher being. Personally I find it very comforting.”

Unknown to Richard, that sound bite came from Peter Kay’s “The Sound of Laughter” which was in competition with “The God Delusion” for a literary award. Dawkins therefore gave his standard view on God as comfort:

“How can you take seriously someone who likes to believe something because he finds it ‘comforting’?”

“If evidence were found for a supreme being I would change my mind instantly -with pride and with great surprise. Would I find it comforting? What matters is what is true, and we discover truth by evidence, not what we would ‘like’.”

Richard realised that he was being manipulated for publicity for the award ceremony and books, and that Kay has a very different position than the quote suggested. He apologised.

Wonder if publicly calling a grieving Grandmother an idiot for taking solace in her beliefs, before her granddaughter is even buried, qualifies for an apology?

The real lesson, as with Sandy Hook, is to look at who you give guns too and how we can regulate effectively so the right to bear arms applies while still reducing gun related deaths. Then somehow get Congress to pass.

Let us do this in public discourse without agendas on God, the first amendment or the second, or letting the NRA veto any meaningful discussion needed in the formulation and implementation of public safety. To be fair Dawkins is calling for that on twitter.

Just leave personally insulting a grieving Grandma out of the equation while you do Richard.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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One response to “Grieving Grandma is an idiot says Dawkins

  1. “Those who put their faith in guns tend to favor hollow-point bullets that kill more effectively, the very basest of functions.”

    “Those who rely on guns and bullets to “save” them are filled with fear. They believe their brothers are out to get them, and that there is no loving Creator to protect them.”

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