Video: David Bowie – The Next Day

Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard in a pop video by David Bowie, which makes sacrilegious use of imagery in a way former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey calls “Juvenile”.

Is that not enough of a recommendation to watch the video?

Enjoy, but if you are under 18 do not watch. Because, just like religion, it may disturb you.

The Catholic Defence League did not live up to it’s name, going instead for an ad hominem attack on David’s sexuality and age. Rather than a deconstruction of the video imagery used. Naturally the more you say how terrible something on the Internet is, the more people will watch.

Yet they also ignore that by wanting salvation they are actually part of that baying crowd wanting Jesus crucified to save them. A perfect man without sin to die for a particular disease of original sin. So we can keep on sinning but have a chance at redemption.

Christians cannot get enough of that doomsday song. The irony Bowie is pointing out is lost on them, as they try to drown out the message by their condemnation. Still, we can remind them.

Hopefully youtube will not pull down again, having mistakingly done so earlier.


Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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3 responses to “Video: David Bowie – The Next Day

  1. K P Spong

    Wasn’t Bowie also in The Last Temptation of Christ? Or am I just having brain-fart?

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