The Eurovision Delusion

Eurovision is the biggest music competition in the world. A party for those watching, a chance to make fun of contestants’ clothes and looks, while enjoying the occasion as Europe sings to each other.

In the United Kingdom we blame the politics for us doing so badly in recent years. Every single year we blame the attitude towards us, and cosines of other countries to each other. That border geography is the thing that plays a part too.


Yet every single year I listen to the songs and chose my top 3 and one of them wins. Based on what I heard not what punters say. Denmark, with a feisty Shakira clone produced a song which was fun, flamboyant and upbeat.

By contrast we managed 23 points – less than a tenth of Denmark’s. Comparing the entries that was about right.

Frankly what I said to Phillip Schofield counts. We delude ourselves. Until those that chose our entry with outdated ballads and past their career best singers get how to take a music competition seriously – as a contest that you play to win, we just will not be in the top half of the table.

Nor frankly will we deserve to be. It is only a music competition but if they have the audacity to play it this way give us back the choice of who represents us and with which song. We gave Denmark, the winners, a maximum 12 points after all.

I think we can do better.



BBC pundit Dr Eurovision explodes the “it’s all political” nonsense in detail

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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2 responses to “The Eurovision Delusion

  1. Observer

    Agreed. How is our entry chosen? And why was Graham Norton chosen but to continue the Terry Wogan piss-take commentating? Are all the other country’s commentators playing a similar game or are they resentful of British sarcasm raining on their parade?

    • I know other nations commentators did not like Terry Wogan’s style. Not sure if they have begun adopting.

      Regarding our entry, once upon a time we chose by phone vote out of pre selected groups/singers. Now, it is done behind the scenes by “experts”.

      Clearly their view of pensionable old time greats, with ballads that even they wouldn’t sing in their prime, is not working.

      Think we might need to look at dance/disco composers on the European club scene and young talent that can pull off the song.

      Quite frankly we should be in it to win it, not making up the numbers.

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