David Silverman – Golden man for Secularism and Feminism


I met David Silverman as he was walking towards the hotel where the Atheist Alliance 2007 conference was being hosted, while I caught some air. I had no idea who he was, or that he would become the President of American Atheists. What I did know was that rather than having his towel on him, he was wearing a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy T-Shirt. As regular readers know Hitchhikers was the catalyst to my leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a child.

I introduced myself by saying “Anyone who is a fan of Douglas Adams is a friend of mine”. We both were getting things ready for the conference. He mentioned the article he wrote, which I had read, where he interviewed Douglas.

A few reasons mentioning this. One, it is towel day this Saturday May 25 2013 where fans of Douglas will have their towels on them, and possibly a laundered dressing gown to impress people, as Trillion tells Arthur in Hitchhikers.

The other is that today on twitter, he has shown an ability as President to show genuine leadership for secularism and feminism. Better than a certain President Zaphod Beeblebrox I could mention.


The timeline for the conversation can be read here, as it stands now.

He has shown exactly what we all wanted Ronald Lindsay to have done unequivocally at Women in Secularism 2. Show backbone, and upfront leadership standing with women as allies at the trolls out there who intimidate, ridicule, and harass women in the feminist movement. Clearly he welcomes critical measured responses. Victimisation of others is unacceptable.

PZ Myers from this has decided on lifelong membership of American Atheists as a result. I am so impressed I urge my American readers to support David as best they can. He has shown himself to be, whether on Twitter or writing a dignified piece on the 9/11 cross as worthy of the position he holds.

I hope our paths cross again someday.

American Atheist Website

Update 23 June: Lawsuit Against American Atheists

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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