Rebecca is an atheist … Even during Oklahoma disaster

Often people make reference to faith at times of natural disaster, see Hemant for that. There is a predisposition also that faith gets people through a tragedy, especially when we use the same language.

I do not how else Matt Frei, who long term readers know is one of my favourite Brit journalists based in the USA, quotes and uses Rebecca mentioned in my previous blog for his article “Big weather fuels big faith in Oklahoma

“We are so blessed”, Rebecca told me as she was clutching her two-year-old son Anders. He was shoeless and dressed in a girl’s outfit.

It happened to be in the back of her car when she decided to quit the bathtub she had chosen for shelter, get in her car and make a run for it. When she returned to her house after the storm only a concrete slab was left.

A stranger’s car she had never seen before was on top of what used to be her bed and the bath tub was crushed and filled with debris. “We would have died, for sure”, she said with a smile on her face, ” had we stayed.”

As mentioned earlier on this blog Rebecca is an atheist as reported unexpectedly on CNN when Wolf Blitzer expected she would want to give thanks to The Lord for her family’s survival. She handled herself honestly and with dignity.

Have told Matt via twitter of the error. Maybe next time you are here in the UK Matt you can buy me lunch.

Atheists Giving Aid – Oklahoma Tornado Relief

UPDATE: 24/5/13 Channel 4 deleted my comment correcting. Please use the link to ask them to correct article.

UPDATE 26/5/13 Matt Frei says that the article does not state she is an atheist or religious in a tweet to me. He does not concede given the article title that it is using her story for saying faith is big in the Bible Belt. That is misleading to readers, and does not acknowledge atheists go through this too, and in Rebecca’s case with great aplomb.

There is an effort to raise funds directly for Rebecca which you can donate to here.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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