Will Mo Ansar keep his word?

“O you who believe! Fulfill (your) obligations.” (Quran 5:1)

Amir al-Mu’minin (Commander of the Faithful) ‘Ali (RA), in his letter to Malik al-Ashtar, wrote:

“If you conclude an agreement between yourself and your enemy or enter into a pledge with him, then fulfil your agreement and discharge your pledge faithfully. Place yourself as a shield against whatever you have pledged, because among the obligations of Allah there is nothing on which people are more firmly united despite the difference of their ideas and variation of their views than respect for fulfilling pledges.” [Source]

One of the most read blog posts last March was covering the conversation on twitter between Mo Ansar and Tom Holland regarding Islam and Slavery. Today that post was linked to in an article on Exposing the Pseudo Moderation of Mo Ansar. This article I had nothing to do with in writing and was only made aware of by people coming to my site via it.

My original post stemmed from Mo’s tweet:


Mo Ansar seemed reluctant to provide the context himself for the tweet – I hoped my blog post would encourage him to see where the criticism was coming from.

At the time of writing my article I offered Ansar the right of reply, not least because via twitter he had told me to look for the context of his slavery tweet. I reprinted the context and looked at the article he linked to on slavery when writing my blog post. His reply in March:


Dialogue is important and I was encouraged by his initial response. The new link to that post nearly three months later served as a reminder I had not received his reply, so tweeted once more today. The reception I received was a lot less cordial accusing me of bad form:


I hope if Ansar does read this, he will reconsider. The subject of slavery and Islam matters to a lot of people, and I hope he can clarify his thinking on the subject. I hope he does so by showing good form through keeping to his word.

UPDATE: 22:20 having sent this post as a reminder of the cordial offer of dialogue, which he embraced in March, his final word is clear enough:


Update 6/5/2013: Mo has – three months after I asked – given a tweet pic of his full conversation with Tom Holland. You can find that here.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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