Personal Attacks and Acting on Syrian Crisis

It seems that my blog post today caused Mehdi Hasan and Mo Ansar to use twitter to have a full out personal attack – but not on my points on moral relativism regarding segregation, slavery and political religious ideology (Mo), or how do we help the Palestinians and those caught up in Syrian crisis (Mehdi did but I think diplomacy has not worked needing a change). Having been a moderator on the Richard Dawkins Forum I had great expectations.

Instead rather than critiquing it was Hasan: “silly” try to “keep up”. Ansar: “tabloid” “badgering” and ironically did-he-have-a-straight-face-when-he-tweeted “attention seeking” and “furthering career.”

I fear Mo has already cornered that market.

At least Hasan reiterated his call for diplomatic negotiation on the ground when I asked a second time for them to use twitter to state what we can do. Pity about suggesting I was “pretending” he had not stated in print his position and needed to “keep up”. My blog post he responded to linked to his article where he sets his diplomatic position. As my post stated:

Hasan in a thoughtful, to the problems if not solutions, recent article suggests the piety of those wanting to intervene is overdone. He fails to mention hundreds of thousands into the million Saddam Hussein killed instead talking about the dead by the international community’s response to Iraq post 9/11.

At the moment, as we remember D Day, worth mentioning 70,000 French civilians died as a result of allied bombing raids. We should be concerned about the consequences of intervention, and also of not doing anything. Diplomacy does not seem to be working in Syria, and while events on the ground happen the death toll mounts up towards 100,000.

To me instead of a diplomatic answer Hasan went for the offensive attack. Maybe we should do as Hasan does rather than says when it comes to trying to safeguard human life. [Emphasis added]

Yes Hasan I am keeping up – do me the same courtesy and do so as well. Ansar ignored the question again complaining of my “soft harassment” and “badgering”. I imagine he may be referring to this.

Sadly making a straw man to shoot the messenger rather than the message, can get in the way of the central theme I cared about – helping palestinians and those caught up in the Syrian conflict without resorting to moral relativism to criticise focusing on that crisis.

Here is a suggestion of groups to donate to and policy suggestion to kick start effective diplomatic negotiations.

Red Cross Syrian Appeal


Islamic Relief UK – Syrian Appeal

Medical Aid for Palestinians – Camps overwhelmed by refugee crisis

Tell the international community to have a no fly zone to prevent attacks on refugee camps and safeguard humanitarian aid routes and safe havens – see above link. Think Kosovo.

Use diplomatic efforts for this and to help with negotiations on the ground to resolve civil war or the international community will take further steps.

Set targets, clear goals, redlines, consequences and stick to them.

Disagree all you want with what I have to say, perhaps even dare to go for the argument – no Ansar I do not need a “sandwich board” to make my case – but continued ad hominem and insults suggests the playground rather than the media/commentary background you both belong to.

Update 9 June: Nick Cohen on intervention – must read

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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