Wake Up – Syria and Palestinians

Ghaffar Hussain has wondered why I even bother to discuss Mo Ansar. The reply I gave was that as someone given so much airtime – as a Muslim commentator much sort since Woolwich – it is important to show his views on gender segregation, islamic slavery, and use of islamophobia to slur whom he disagrees with. Well, in tweet form I said as much.

Perhaps the more truthful answer also is I am drawn to Ansar’s timeline as much like someone going to a stock car race waiting for a crash. It was thanks to twitter I saw Ansar’s tweet regarding an interview Mehdi Hasan had with Bernard-Henri Levy.


Despite my questions, as you can see mocking and ad hominem were the order of the day when I asked a serious journalist how do we help the Palestinians in the occupied territories and in Syria? Most “liberal interventionists” have Syria on their mind as Hasan knows only too well. He is as disingenuous in what he says as he is uncouth, without actually answering the question.

The article I linked to is The Commentator. Check out the graph there. [Update 10 June: graph reproduced here with permission]


The Facebook page on the crisis befalling Palestinians because of Syria brings home what is happening.


Hasan in a thoughtful, to the problems if not solutions, recent article suggests the piety of those wanting to intervene is overdone. He fails to mention hundreds of thousands into the million Saddam Hussein killed instead talking about the dead by the international community’s response to Iraq post 9/11.

At the moment, as we remember D Day, worth mentioning 70,000 French civilians died as a result of allied bombing raids. We should be concerned about the consequences of intervention, and also of not doing anything. Diplomacy does not seem to be working in Syria, and while events on the ground happen the death toll mounts up towards 100,000.

Hence my question – how do we help?

To me instead of a diplomatic answer Hasan went for the offensive attack. Maybe we should do as Hasan does rather than says when it comes to trying to safeguard human life.


Follow up blog: my suggestion for us on Syria and personal attacks by Mo Ansar and Mehdi Hasan

Update 9 June: Nick Cohen must read on intervention

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Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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