Mo Ansar, the extremists, and moral relativism

Mo Ansar stands for the rights of persecuted Muslims.

Part of the way he has stood up for those rights has been to belittle and humiliate Lejla Kurić on twitter. She is a Muslim, and survived the Bosnian genocide. She lives here in the UK and has taken exception to how he expresses the faith.

His response has been she does not know what she is talking about, and she should leave these shores which are her home.

Here is Mo on gender segregation:


The insults Mo gives critics and detractors are distasteful (as I discovered personally yesterday) but he crossed a line with Lejla.

Her response was to actually show his tweets for how they are regarding Bangladesh and the protest “massacre”.

Read her post – Hang Atheist Bloggers And Be Polite.

The tweet by Mo that is getting the attention:


This is far removed from reported figures of 27 (BBC News) and no link to news source was given by Ansar. The figures lack credibility; as Leila explains extreme Islamic websites are quoting those fatality figures. No harm in an inquiry ensuring force was proportionate by the police and if not justice be done.

Thankfully her article is getting the attention it deserves and I recommend you click/tap the link:


The problem Mo is moral relativism – calling for atheist bloggers to be killed and law abiding protestors being killed are both wrong.

An accusation of poor form … sounds familiar.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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