The Great Arab Freethinkers: Al-Ma’arri

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In this post it shows that outspoken humanist thinking was in the 10th century relatively safer in Islamic Countries than the Dark/Medieval Christian period of Europe.

So do catch up with @Futiledemocracy on “Al-Ma’ari – the great Arab freethinker from the past.”

Futile Democracy


Such was the nature of the power of Christianity, its dogma, its insecurity, during the Middle Ages, that a great writer, humanist, and long time friend of the King could be put to death for nothing more than refusing to swear that King Henry VIII was the Supreme Head of the Church in England. Thomas More was lucky in one sense. He had his head swiftly detached from the rest of his body with one sweep of the executioners axe. Lucky, because others were not accorded the same swift death. Robert Lawrence, a Carthusian Monk, refused also to submit to the Oath of Supremacy. Though, unlike More, Lawrence was hung, just enough to ensure he lost consciousness. He was then revived, in time to see his stomach slashed open, and his insides pulled out, and set on fire. He was then cut into pieces, his head stuck on a spike…

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