Mariela – @atheistoverdose – all the best


I have spoken before about the trolling that happens on social media when people disagree with what someone has to say. In a civil discourse just agree to disagree and move on if you cannot debate with a cool head.

Sadly it seems Mariela was being given such a hard time she has completely quit twitter altogether. A shame because many people liked her sense of humour. I remember some people disagreeing with her when I first saw her retweeted on my timeline, and I asked her if it was always like that.

She shrugged it off – but it seems that was only the tip of the ice berg, and tame in comparison to what she was being subjected to.


Well Mariela, if somehow this post finds you know you were admired for being outspoken and being fun. I enjoyed our tweets together, and appreciate you may have decided to leave social media for good. Hope you may after a break decide to come back.

If anyone else is being trolled, please do not keep it to yourself. Tell others. Do not suffer in silence. Together we have to stop people being victimised.

All the best Mariela.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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