Mo Ansar: he just cannot stand it unless there is a spotlight

Mo Ansar is obtaining the ire of Muslims as well as those that have given him publicity. Things are not progressing as they should for the media circuit as already mentioned. The reason this matters is we can tell someone who wants the spot light for it’s own sake from the person who stands for civil rights. It matters because when given the chance to stand for the rights of women or homosexuals, Mo is silent and hostile to the questioner. Even promoting islam as peace via someone that called on Salmon Rushdie to be killed.

Domestic abuse:


Gay lesbian Muslims:


Cat Stevens:


A reminder of what Cat Stevens said about whether he would kill Rushdie if at the same restaurant as himself or only bother to attend a protest if Rushdie was actually being killed rather than effigy being hacked and burnt:

Poor Form

Naturally though Mo will shout abuse himself on twitter while playing the victim.



Sorry Mo, you are not important enough to launch anyone’s career. To be honest written enough on you to make clear where you do stand …


… wherever there is a spotlight.

Mo above with Tommy Robinson, leader EDL, after we are told a heated argument in the days after Woolwich murder.

Links: the silly article asking how we help Palestinians caught up in Syrian Crisis

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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One response to “Mo Ansar: he just cannot stand it unless there is a spotlight

  1. I for one can’t understand how this individual has the title “Muslim spokesperson” after events like Lee Rigby’s death, through any virtue other than being a Muslim that speaks. At least if he had some credentials on his own website, even if it was just “guy who wrote book” (cricket coach is the only qualification listed on his site) I’d be inclined to take him seriously. Having said that I judge people by their views and ability to think critically with regards to them and the evidence, and on this point he seems to be extremely conflicted on many issues. Opinions like promoting Al-Qaradawi as “nuanced” on Jews and Israel for example seem to be very counter in principle to what I would consider a position of any sincere human rights activist.

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