Ron Lindsay apologises


It is a shame it took so long to issue an apology, and was not obvious at the time how Lindsay’s remarks and subsequent comments would go down.

Background can be read here.

For what it is worth so many weeks later here it is:

It has been a few weeks since I have said anything in public about the controversy over my remarks at the Women in Secularism 2 conference. As CFI announced via Twitter, this pause was to enable the board to have time to consider the matter. The board has issued its statement. It is now an appropriate time for me to make some remarks.

I am sorry that I caused offense with my talk. I am also sorry I made some people feel unwelcome as a result of my talk. From the letters sent to me and the board, I have a better understanding of the objections to the talk.

I am also sorry that my talk and my actions subjected my colleagues and the organization to which I am devoted to criticism.

Please accept my apologies.

Statement from here.

UPDATE 25 June: Rebecca Watson’s thoughts on apology:

… There’s a certain amount of lost trust, lingering disappointment, and, dare I say it, skepticism that results from a situation like this, and that apology isn’t enough to clean all that up in one tidy sweep. I gladly accept the apology not because it’s an immediate cure-all …

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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3 responses to “Ron Lindsay apologises

  1. Seriously? Too little, too late. And I am not at all pleased that they disabled comments on the statement.

    • I cannot believe, given time to make apology, they had not organised a special meeting to deal with trolling of secular women.

      Called for that reporting on original story.

      Frankly I do not think it has sunk in to Lindsay what he has done, and how he should respond.

      Frankly I would be looking for a replacement.

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