Racists dump rotting pig heads in Bradford garden: As told by Sophia Ditta

Heartfelt post on dealing with unknown intimidation.

The only question that we should have is how do you catch people who look to intimidate like this?

Instead how the police handled the situation leaves much to be desired, leading to further questions.

All the best to you Sophia and your family.

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As a 34 year old British Asian woman from a Muslim household in Bradford, I am sad to report on the first ever race hate incident that I have personally experienced.

Two weeks ago four pig heads were placed in my garden. I am not scared by this pathetic attempt to offend me because of the religion I was born into. As Muslims, we are not supposed to eat pork.

Those dead pigs in my garden only offended my nose and good sense of hygiene. For the record my family loves Peppa Pig, we just wouldn’t eat her.

On Friday 14 June, my family woke up to go to work and initially discovered two decomposing, maggot infested, gut wrenchingly awful smelling pig heads placed in our garden. One by our front door, and one by our back door.

On reporting the incident to the police, we were asked to preserve…

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