Alain de Botton deleted domestic violence tweet

I have mentioned to Alain de Bolton in the past that some of his tweets are just right for parody, but now and again he comes up with a gem that makes him worth following. He tweeted to me I will put the gun down then – which he deleted shortly after.

However, he has just made a tweet which made concerned followers worry there really was a domestic violent incident happening and he should call the police immediately.


After about ten comments urging he do something other than tweet about it he deleted it.

The context of tweets from the two preceding tweets make me think it was a thought poorly worded.


Relationships can start well and change. Domestic violence needs to be taken seriously – even if sweet at the start what matters is the safety of the abused partner now. Reminiscing on what might have been is contemplative but the moral philosopher must act to ensure the violence they hear is dealt with justly.

I did tweet asking Alain de Botton to comment where he was trying to go with the tweet but there was no reply.

UPDATE: Alain de Botton has come back to me after reading post


So it was literal after all not a thought experiment, with situation under control.

Which is a relief. I quite like the idea of philosopher action man …

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Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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